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Scottsdale Family Lawyers

Sophisticated Representation for Complex Divorce and Custody Cases


Divorce is legally, financially and emotionally challenging. The more complex the disputes and the more that you have at stake, the harder it is to keep perspective. Choosing an attorney is among the most important decisions you will make in this daunting process.

Based in Scottsdale, Childers & Huey PLC is a boutique law firm that concentrates exclusively in divorce and family law. Serving clients in Greater Phoenix, Maricopa County and throughout Arizona, we are accustomed to high-asset and high-conflict divorce cases.

Our clients are business owners and professionals who need sophisticated solutions for asset division, custody disputes, spousal maintenance and other contested family law matters. We work to secure your share of the estate and protect your business interests while helping you find efficient and practical solutions.

Protecting Your Business and Personal Interests

We have represented physicians, lawyers, CPA's, business owners, corporate executives, athletes, entertainers and other high net worth individuals. We are knowledgeable about the types of assets held by high earners and the financial complexities and nuances of valuing, dividing and compensating for those assets in a divorce settlement.

Bruce Childers is a board-certified family law specialist who also brings considerable business acumen from 35 years of experience in divorce trials and civil litigation. In addition to his law degree, he holds an MBA and has taught business courses at Arizona State University. Joseph Huey also brings 25-plus years of legal experience and business savvy. He has litigated every facet of divorce, custody and family law, in state and federal courts of Arizona, including appeals before the Arizona Court of Appeals and the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before they were law partners, Bruce and Joe occasionally locked horns as opposing counsel in high-value and high-profile divorce cases. Over the years, they discovered that they had complementary styles and philosophies, and recently decided to combine their successful practices to provide enhanced services and expertise. The result is the power of a big firm in a small personal setting. Clients quickly find they have firepower in the courtroom and leverage at the negotiating table, as well as direct access to an attorney who is intimately involved in their case.

The vast majority of our clients are referred to us from satisfied clients and other lawyers. Other law firms may have a conflict of interest or may not be willing or prepared to take complex cases to court. Many other referrals come from other professionals, such as accountants and psychologists who are aware of our quality reputation.

We take pride in preparing our cases so well that our clients feel confident in their positions. This confidence often breeds success in pretrial settlements or in the courtroom. By committing energy and resources on the front end, we can often spare you the expense and distraction of litigation, and resolve your case with discretion and confidentiality. We are able to keep clients out of court largely because of our reputation in those limited cases when litigation cannot be avoided.

Scottsdale Family Law Attorneys

Arrange an appointment with one of our capable attorneys by calling our Scottsdale office at 480-624-2776, or contact us online and we will respond promptly.
We are sensitive to your need for discretion during the process and confidentiality regarding financial disclosures and your ultimate settlement. We can arrange consultations at a time and place convenient for you.