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Scottsdale Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Experienced in Complex and High-Asset Divorce

Divorce is not only emotionally tough, but legally and financially complicated. There can be disputes and difficult decisions at every turn. Moving forward while protecting your interests requires an experienced, focused lawyer. The more complex your divorce, the more valuable your lawyer's insights and legal skill become.

Bruce Childers and Joseph Huey have more than 60 years of experience between them. Bruce is a board-certified family law specialist and holds an MBA. His background in business and immersion in divorce and custody law enables clients to go into family court proceedings with confidence.

While we encourage settlement of issues to promote an end to litigation, often times a good settlement can only be achieved when the other party is properly convinced of the weakness of his or her position. We accomplish results for our clients through preparation, knowledge of law and experience. In the event a settlement cannot be reached, our clients are confident about their positions and are fully prepared for trial.

Our Family Law Practice

Divorce and high-asset divorce — We handle divorce matters for professionals, business owners and people of all income levels, including:

Property division — We can assist you with the valuation and equitable division of your marital interests, including complex and high-value considerations such as:

Child custody and visitation — Our attorneys will work to obtain a custody agreement and parenting schedule which promotes the best interests of your children. We routinely handle high-conflict matters involving children:

Post-divorce modifications — We represent either party in revisiting custody orders, parenting time, child support or spousal support.

Arizona Child Custody Lawyers

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