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Scottsdale Spousal Maintenance Attorneys

Alimony Considerations in Your Arizona Divorce

Spousal maintenance can be one of the most hotly contested aspects of divorce, especially when one party feels wronged or disadvantaged. There are no firm guidelines in the statute, which means that an award of maintenance hinges on the skills of your lawyer and the quality of the judge in your case.

The experienced attorneys of Childers & Huey PLC will vigorously advocate for you in your Arizona divorce regarding property division and spousal maintenance. We are particularly known for our results in high-asset and high-conflict divorces, through negotiation, mediation and courtroom litigation. In fact, Bruce Childers is a board-certified specialist in divorce and family law.

We aim to reduce your anxiety by giving you a reasonable prediction on the front end of how maintenance will turn out. Please call our Scottsdale firm at 480-624-2776 to arrange a confidential consultation.

Scottsdale Spousal Maintenance Lawyers

Spousal maintenance, also known as spousal support or alimony, is always in play in any divorce. The question is how much and for how long. The court will consider many factors, such as income disparity, need and ability to pay, accustomed standard of living, age and health, education and earning capacity.

There are different types of maintenance:

  • Temporary support while a divorce is pending
  • Rehabilitative maintenance, a short-term award to allow one spouse to go back to college or re-establish a career
  • Restitutional maintenance, as when one spouse supported the other through medical school or establishing a business
  • Lifetime maintenance, permanent alimony until the recipient's death or remarriage, typically awarded only in marriages of 20 years or longer

With more than 60 years of combined experience, our skilled trial lawyers can capably argue in court for or against maintenance. We also help clients understand the financial and tax implications of alimony and how to use it strategically in the bigger picture of dividing the community estate.

For an appointment with one of our Arizona spousal support lawyers, please call the Childers & Huey firm at 480-624-2776 or contact us online.