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Scottsdale Lawyers for Divorce Involving a Professional Practice

Valuation and Equitable Consideration in Marital Property Division

When one spouse is a licensed professional with a successful professional practice, the other spouse may be entitled to a community property share of the business? in divorce. On either side of the equation, you need experienced legal counsel for the complex legal and financial considerations.

The attorneys of Childers & Huey PLC are extensively familiar with high-asset divorce, including property division involving professional practices. We have represented physicians, dentists, lawyers, CPAs, architects, engineers and other professionals in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona. We understand the special concerns, for licensed professional clients whose practice is jeopardized by divorce, or in representing the spouse who wants his or her fair share of the marital estate.

For an appointment with one of our Arizona professional practice valuation attorneys, please call the firm at 480-624-2776 or contact us online.

Scottsdale Attorneys for Divorce Involving a Professional Practice

Confidentiality is one of the biggest barriers to fair and efficient property division in these cases. The first question is what the practice is worth, but sometimes professionals are reluctant to give up information that the valuation expert or forensic accountant needs to make that determination. We discourage unnecessary litigation, but we retain financial experts early on to prepare for the possibility of a trial to obtain financial disclosure records or to protect the integrity of the business. We commonly prepare confidentiality agreements to seal the financial records of doctors, lawyers, corporate executives and other clients who do not want sensitive information about their compensation made public.

Another key question for professional practices is what portion of the professional's practice, if any, is subject to community property division. Was the practice formed before marriage or after? Did one spouse support the other through graduate school, medical school or law school? Did one spouse put a career on hold to enable the other to build a practice? Are marital assets commingled in the business? What is the value of a professional license or advanced degree?

Our veteran trial lawyers have a background in business as well as divorce law and marital property litigation. Bruce Childers is a board-certified specialist in family law, and also holds an MBA. He and his law partner Joseph Huey have more than 60 years of experience in civil litigation.

We understand that a professional practice must be protected from the distraction and the threat of a community property claim. We are skilled at identifying trade-offs of other marital property, marital debt, spousal maintenance and/or a structured equalization payment to preserve the practice and resolve asset division.

We engage business valuation specialists, forensic accountants and investigators as necessary to assist in protecting our clients' financial interests. For an appointment with one of our Arizona divorce lawyers, please call the firm at 480-624-2776 or contact us online.