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Scottsdale Child Custody Lawyers

Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

When divorcing parents cannot agree about how to divide time with their children, or lose sight of the child's best interests, custody disputes can become very nasty and very expensive. It is important to work with an attorney who can fight for your rights and your goals while also providing perspective and practical solutions.

The law office of Childers & Huey PLC represents married and unmarried parents in contested child custody matters and negotiation of parenting plans. Our lawyers have substantial experience in high-conflict custody cases, from fighting for physical custody to arguments over parenting time (visitation) or child-rearing decisions.

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Scottsdale Child Custody Attorneys

A court will consider many factors in deciding custody and visitation, but the overriding concern is the best interests of the child. The Arizona family courts assume joint legal custody (decision-making) and trend toward shared parenting, especially for older children. However, it is possible to rebut these presumptions by showing that the child's well-being would not be served.

Our role as attorneys is to help you identify your goals, to understand what is acceptable to the court, and to present compelling arguments in contested proceedings. In a full-fledged custody fight, the court may appoint a lawyer for your child to safeguard his or her best interests. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation or negotiation, a trial date will be set. A formal custody evaluation may involve both a family assessment by the county's Conciliation Services and private psychological evaluations of the parents and children.

In or out of court, we help craft a comprehensive plan for custody and parenting time that protects your relationship with your child and the best interests of your child. The custody agreement and parent plan must specify the type of custody, the amount of time spent in each parent's household, the logistics of exchanges, considerations for summer vacation and holidays, provisions for phone or Internet contact, and handling of education, religious upbringing, health care, recreational activities and other aspects of raising children.

We have experience with all custody-related matters, including high-conflict issues such as:

Arizona Custody Litigation Attorneys

Custody litigation must be carefully weighed regarding the financial cost, the impact on children and what might be gained - or lost - in court. However, there are times when the courtroom cannot be avoided and child custody disputes must be decided by a judge. Trial lawyers Bruce Childers and Joseph Huey have more than 60 years of combined experience in the family courts of Maricopa County and surrounding jurisdictions of Arizona. Bruce is also a board-certified family law specialist.

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