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Child Support

Arizona Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

Parents frequently argue about child support. When money is involved, tempers are easily riled. To focus on what is really important, we concentrate on a fair determination of each parent's resources for paying support.

If you need representation for child support matters, please contact the law office of Joseph M. Huey, P.L.C. We have the experience and the knowledge to argue for fair child support payments. For an appointment with an experienced Scottsdale child support attorney, please call 480-624-2776 or contact us online.

Arizona Child Support Basics

Some of the information considered by the courts in child support decisions includes:

  • Each parent's income and earning capabilities
  • The ages of the children
  • The parenting time (custody and visitation) agreement
  • Health care and child care expenses

There are factors that can influence the calculation of child support payments. After we review your finances and your child's needs, we can explain any factors that may provide an argument for increased or decreased support.

In high-asset divorce and custody cases, it is important to balance the reasonable needs of the child with the income of the parents. We can present evidence to support equitability in the amount paid or received.

We also handle enforcement/contempt and modification of child support orders as well as child support arrearage matters. You can rely on our experience and knowledge of family law and our ability to find creative resolutions for families.

To work with a skilled child support lawyer, please call our office at 480-624-2776 for an appointment.