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Arizona Divorce Attorneys

Strategizing Your Divorce and Your Future

An Arizona divorce happens relatively quickly. With everything at stake, you need to know where you stand, and you want to be confident that you will come out of this difficult process in solid financial shape.

The experienced divorce lawyers of Childers & Huey PLC take a proactive and strategic approach to position you for a favorable outcome. We make a legitimate effort to settle your Arizona divorce without the cost and aggravations of litigation, but we have a reputation for being thoroughly prepared for trial and ready to follow through.

Our Scottsdale firm is known for high-asset, high-conflict divorce cases involving complex property division and custody disputes, including trials and appeals. We represent a diverse clientele that includes doctors, CPAs and other professionals, business owners and executives, and other high earners or their spouses. We invite you to arrange a confidential consultation today.

Scottsdale High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

Veteran trial lawyers Bruce Childers and Joseph Huey have more than 60 years of combined experience in civil litigation, including hundreds of Arizona divorces. They know the prompt steps necessary to protect your interests, such as filing for divorce in Maricopa County before the spouse can put you at a disadvantage by filing the divorce elsewhere. Bruce is a board-certified family law specialist and has an MBA and a background in business education.

They will sit down with you and explain what you need to know about divorce law and legal proceedings and to address the critical facets of your divorce:

Our high net worth clients come to us for our courtroom experience, our business acumen, our understanding of complex financial matters and our network of experts. We commonly work with clients' CPAs and financial planners to address the tax and wealth management implications of divorce. We also use private investigators, forensic accountants, QDRO experts, business valuation specialists and other professionals who aid in protecting our clients' interests.

We also pride ourselves on a high level of service to clients. We make sure that clients have the information they need to make informed choices and to enter negotiations or litigation in confidence.

Experienced Arizona Divorce Lawyers

Arizona is a community property state, but divorce is not just about figuring out the half. It's about figuring out the whole, including hidden assets or sources of income. Which assets are "sole and separate" and which are commingled into the community estate? What are the community assets worth? What are the offsetting liabilities? How do you get your fair share without a courtroom battle?

There is no substitute for experience in accomplishing your goals and protecting your long-term interests. Please call our office at 480-624-2776 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced divorce and family law attorneys.