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Scottsdale Legal Separation Lawyers

Separation Agreements or Annulment

Sometimes divorce is not an option, for religious reasons, financial reasons or other considerations. Sometimes a marriage never should have happened in the first place. Formally separating or having a marriage annulled can be complex and expensive - but each of these legal proceedings has its time and place.

At the law office of Childers & Huey PLC, we can counsel individuals who are exploring legal separation or annulment. Our experienced and compassionate divorce law attorneys will listen to your circumstances and give you their professional assessment of your best legal option. If you ultimately choose separation or annulment, we will make sure that your interests are protected. Please call our Scottsdale office at 480-624-2776 to schedule an appointment.

Scottsdale Legal Separation Attorneys

Legal separation is a formal agreement between spouses to live apart, instead of divorcing or as a preliminary step toward divorce. It must address many of the same issues that arise in divorce:

  • Control of bank accounts
  • Responsibility for bills and debts
  • Possession of the marital home
  • Distribution of jointly owned assets
  • Temporary orders for custody and child support

Couples choose to separate without filing for divorce for a number of reasons: trial separation with the hope of reconciling, religious grounds, continuation of health insurance for the spouse or financial considerations. We are not here to judge or to push our clients in a particular direction. We are here to give legal advice and ensure your separation agreement is fair, unambiguous and protects your long-term interests.

Arizona Annulment Attorneys

Annulment terminates a marriage as if it never existed. There is no division of community property, spousal support if the marriage is annulled; each party takes what he or she brought to the relationship.

A marriage can be annulled by an Arizona family court if there exists an impediment to the marriage that would make it null and void such as:

  • Bigamy (prior marriage that was never dissolved)
  • Immigration fraud or other marriage fraud
  • Misrepresentation or nondisclosure (consensual age, financial woes, disease, criminal warrants, etc.)

NOTE: A legal annulment is not the same as a religious annulment - you will have to consult a clergy member about annulment in order to remarry within your church.

We Help You Make the Right Choice

If you are separating but not ready for divorce, or if you were not given the truth before you married, contact Childers & Huey to arrange a consultation. In our experience, legal separation or annulment is very rarely the answer, but our knowledgeable lawyers will explain everything you need to know to make an informed decision.